Here's Christos' second photoshoot. Christos carries a fierce thunderstorm inside his head. He's a nice guy, with a nice cock but is so unable to stay still and control his cock and his ejaculation that photographing him was a real challenge. We went through a three-hour shoot a few days ago (after he got Covid and delayed the shoot for a few weeks), then I erased (by mistake) his first video and asked him back to a one-hour video shoot that lasted more than three hours, most of which was dead time. Time passing trying to get him into the pose and get him to follow directions. I love his cock and hate his toe nails - which I had already asked him to have them taken care of. Nevertheless, all in all Christos is a nice guy with a very nice cock between his legs that looks fat when relaxed and grows thinner but retains that wonderful piece of skin over it.