Giannis II

This is Giannis, The Warm Project's first exclusive model. Giannis is 24, with Ukrainian origins - hence the Russian looks. His father is Greek who was born somewhere in Siberia, his mum from Ukraine. He is tall, with beautiful blue eyes and handsome. He has a naturally hairless body with thin blond hairs running down his legs and a beautiful cock. Not very large but slightly thicker than the average that very easily gets hard. Giannis used to be chubby. He is now on a training regime to loose the extra kilos and gain muscle weight. Here, at The Warm Project I will document this change. From beautiful yet slightly chubby teenager, to a beautiful fit and sexy young man. There is much more of Giannis coming up. Lots of photos and videos, too, full of Giannis' beautiful body, his hard cock and full of cum!