This is Nikos. An amazing 23 year-old who entered TWP like no other. It was his grandmother - a flamboyant woman in her 60s who was later introduced to me as a retired oriental dancer - who found my ad in the paper and urged him to call me. I never answered that first call - I only saw the number later on my mobile and was reluctant to call back because it was from a land line. Calling back fixed numbers is always tricky because you never know who answers the call, but this time I went for it and called back. It was answered by a woman - Nikos' grandmother as I later discovered - who passed me on to her grandson. At first Nikos didn't say much. He had no photos to send and only said he was big and muscular. I told him what the photoshoot was about and he asked if he would have to pose without an underwear. I said yes, the shoot is in the nude. No clothes, no underwear. Just you in the nude. He didn't speak for a couple of seconds and then said: Ok. Lets do it. When do we meet? And that was it. He came once, posed in the nude, the next time he got hard and the last time he came round he got it hard and got it off in front of the camera. And he will surely come back for more. There are many photos of Nikos in TWP's archives and will slowly upload the best ones.