Pop-up frame: Alek (Includes three months free membership to TWP)

This a three-dimensional photographic reproduction of Alek in my studio, presented in scale inside a painted, wooden frame and protected by a 3mm glass. In short, this is the pop-up frame of Alek. And it is the main reason I started photographing men in the nude a few years ago. The frame is hand made in Athens, Greece out of 4 mm painted MDF, measuring 196 by 134 mm, 163 mm deep. Alek is lit from inside by three 12V LEDs that produce warm white light. The switch and power connector are located at the back of the frame. The price indicated includes a 220V AC to 12V DC step down transformer with a European fitting. If used elsewhere, an adaptor or another transformer altogether may be needed. Finally, note that a purchase of one frame includes three months free membership to TWP's members' area. Two frames give six months' access. And so on. Wow.!